Sunday, October 17, 2010

its been a while, since the last post. i'm dropping by.again later.. *frustrated*
i know.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

what if i tell you the truth? will you still be with me?
and what if i tell you lies? will you still believe in me?

i just hoping that it is not you.your race, your status..they really bother me a lot!
if only i did not too close to you. did not smile that much to you. did not talk that nice to you. then i will not longing for you.

i always wanted you go for good. for your family. but you did not!

i hate to like you

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Aku tida tahu bermain apa-apa alat muzik pun. Tapi aku amat ingin menjadi seperti mereka yang boleh memainkan lagu dari hati tanpa perlu mempelajarinya.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

zulaikha in arabic it says "fair or intelligent (well born)"

while in persian it says " brilliant beauty, famous bearer : The heroine in Byron's poem. 'The Bride of Bydas (1813)'

Monday, April 13, 2009

iye. aku orang jahat. kau yang nak tengok sangat friendster aku. beriye-iye kau mintak email supaya boleh view aku punye friendster.

dah lepas tu kau nak ignore aku macam aku ni satu disease. padahal aku cuma nak tanya replacement kelas kat mane je. bukan aku nak mengorat kau pun. yang kau perasan sangat tu ape pasal?

perasan tu satu hal, kau nak nasihat aku, nasihat aje lah. tak payah kau kate nak faham-faham aku. kalau kau nasihat, aku dengar je. tak payah kau pura-pura sporting kalau kau tak. bukan aku kisah pun kau suka ke tak suka. jadi tak perlu kau nak gelabah mak datin.

oh lagi satu, kenapa kau suke nak gune ayat jiwang-karat-geli-aku-sakit-kepala dengar atau baca hah? bahasa2 camtu buat kau macam mat rempit kau tahu tak? moving on la sket.tak payah bunga-bunga. tak paham. rajin-rajin la baca buku,biography ke,novel, artikel pun jadi la.jangan asyik study je. tambah la knowledge pasal dunia luar jugak. ajak rakan-rakan tu sekali. jangan sibuk plan nak ruin kan event orang okay?

so, sekian la.sila datang lagi.

nota kaki: rakan masjid pun nak flirt jugak, bila da sampai seru menggatal. tapi nak yang pakai tudung saja ya. tak suke yang seksi diorang kate.

nota kaki lagi: seksi ke aku??

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Say of her what you like,
But I know my Love's feelings,
I do not love her because she is good,
But because she is my Love,

How can you know how sweet she is?
When all you do is measure the good and the bad?
When I must let her go,
She becomes even more a part of me,
When I make she weep, I weep with her,

alone have a right to judge her,
for only she, the one I love.

if it's only was wrote for me, i would be delighted.
however,this isn't the origin poem. because i forget them, not wholly but some part of it. i can't even remember who wrote this. all i know he is an indian man. i listen to this in one of my favorite movie.

so, i add some, change some, a little bit here and there.

p/s: this poem actually about a mother that loves her son more than anything else. so i change a bit, i want to make it as if, a boyfriend make this to his girlfriend, but now i think it sounds like.. very fatherly isn't it? hmph..

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I hate noises but i love MUSICS..
I don't know how to draw but i love ARTS..
I don't understand, but i love BOOKS and i keep reading.

I'm no good at all but i appreciate FRIENDSHIP..
I can't make people laugh but i don't make them CRY...
but they do.

I hate regrets but i long for FORGIVENESS..
I love rains but i love sun shine TOO..
When i love someone, i love them till the end and never asked them to love me back even i want to.

I hate my pasts but i'm craving for the MEMORIES TO REMAIN..
I am tough but my heart can be broken into THOUSAND PIECES..
and it always does

I'm careful enough but sometimes i'm blinded by EMOTIONS..
I love being me but i can't stand MYSELF..
but i just can't hate me, am i?

I hate LIFE but i'm glad i'm ALIVE..
i just can't simply die anyway.

see me as i really am

I have flaws and sometimes i even SAD..
Even if i cried, don't see it as my WEAKNESS..
I don't know me but i will GET TO..
That's the main purpose of my EXISTENCE~